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BM Engineering has always been a pioneer in deploying Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the construction world. Time and again, we see in practice the power of digitalisation, working from a central 3D 'digital twin' of a building from the design to the operation phase. This reduces errors, saves time and optimises the use of available data.


What are we doing?

BIM management and BIM coordination

In BIM management, we make mutual BIM agreements between the various parties involved in complex projects. We clearly map out the project's BIM objectives and translate them into a BIM protocol and a BIM execution plan. This way, all parties speak the same language and models and information are delivered correctly. In BIM coordination, we combine the models of all disciplines (architecture, stability, building services, etc.) in one BIM model, and clash them with each other. In this way, we relieve all project partners of their worries, detect errors in time and guarantee smooth progress during execution on site.

Data and document management

During a construction project, the various project partners produce a variety of documents as well as a mass of data. By setting up standard processes to produce, collect and approve this data, we avoid inconsistencies and incomplete information. At the end of the project, we can thus easily transfer the structured data and documents to be used efficiently in the building's operation phase.

As-built management

In principle, on-site execution is controlled directly from the central BIM model. Nevertheless, adjustments sometimes still happen on site that are not included in that model. This makes it unreliable, both for further execution and for use in the operation phase. By checking on site both visually and with 3D scanning whether the works carried out correspond to the BIM models, we guarantee the quality of the as-built models.


How do we handle this?

BIM as a tool

We ensure that BIM is a means and not an end. BIM must not become a burden but must be put usefully in function of the project. We lay down procedures but avoid unnecessary work. Everything we do is in function of the smooth and efficient progress of the project.


BIM is teamwork. We look at how to achieve the most useful BIM flow within the construction team. Together with the client, we ensure that BIM is used in the most efficient way possible and we deploy all resources to maximise the team's efficiency in doing so.

Digital and centralised

We keep our finger on the pulse of digitalisation to make the entire construction process as efficient as possible. By centralising and structuring the large amount of information generated in such a project, we make it accessible and manageable for all construction partners and the building manager.

The BENEFITS of our approach

  • Reduced failure costs in on-site execution.
  • Reduced failure costs in on-site execution.
  • An as-built file on completion, ready for use on operation.


The experts


Present on the job every day, and with their complementary knowledge and extensive experience in various projects, our experts are the easily approachable link between our back office and your project.

Joren Van Den Neste
BIM Manager

"BIM should be a means and not a end. We deploy it to make projects run more smoothly and make the best use of the large amount of data generated."

Joren Van Den Neste
BIM Manager

Keynote on BIM?

Are you organising a themed day or event focusing on industrial MEP and looking for speakers? Not theoreticians with abstract explanations, but experts with day-to-day practical experience who can explain the subject matter to the target group in an interesting way? Contact us!


Bruggen en kaaimuren - Albertkanaal

Het verbreden van het Albertkanaal met aanpassing van de kaaimuren en het vernieuwen van 7 bruggen inclusief omgevingswerken (Cluster 1)


Gemeenteschool Heestert

Het  bouwen van de kleuter- en basisschool incl. administratieve dienst, polyvalente ruimte, restaurant en sporthalproject omvatte 2768m². Daarnaast werd ook nog een speelplaats, parkeer- en circulatieruimte en groenaanleg voorzien.



Nieuwe gangways op bestaande steiger K487-489 in het Hansedok.
Nieuwe gangway op bestaande steiger K483 in het Hansadok.
Nieuwe hoge dukdalf aan bestaande steiger K483 in het Hansadok.
Nieuwe dukdalven aan steiger K471 in het Marshalldok.
Nieuwe dukdalven, gangway en vluchtwegen aan bestaande steiger K469 in het Marshalldok.Nieuwe dukdalven, remwerk, gangway en vluchtwegen aan bestaande steiger K467 in het Marshalldok.
Nieuwe dukdalven, remwerk, gangway en vluchtwegen aan bestaande steiger K461 in het Marshalldok.


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