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BM Engineering has been helping to build extensive projects with new flats and/or houses, often combined with retail, offices and/or hospitality for many years. The scale of these projects is ideally suited for sustainable innovation in both structural design and energy concepts. Maximum use of renewable energy ensures high comfort for the residents and users of the site. We carefully follow EPB guidelines and implement the most sustainable building services at the most economical price.

What are we doing?


Sustainable but not unnecessarily expensive

Everyone in the construction world today talks about sustainability, but we know from hundreds of projects in various sectors what really works and what does not. What technology has proven its sustainable value in the past and what are the innovative building services for a reliable future? We recommend the best solution based on the location, and the customer's comfort and financial goals. By engineering smartly, we often offer answers that come out a lot cheaper than the latest hype or the so-called 'must haves'.

Focus on mobility

Beautiful and comfortable living is important, but the forward-thinking resident also considers mobility options when choosing a location. Our stability department is a master at creating maximum space for parking in the underground building layers of these projects. And we are of course up to date with the latest standards and builcing services for integrating electric vehicle charging infrastructure and the accompanying focus on safety.

Mixed-use flexibility

Increasingly, promoters of large-scale residential projects are being required to provide retail, catering and/or offices on the ground floor. Exactly how and by whom these spaces will be filled is not yet clear when the project is being drawn up and often also during construction. We ensure maximum flexibility in terms of both stability and building services, leaving as many options open as possible. 

How do we handle this?


Tapping all energy sources

In addition to by now obvious building services such as heat pumps and geothermal, we also explore potential alternative energy generators in the vicinity of the site. In recent projects, we gained knowledge and experience in using riothermal, aquathermy and hybrid plants to maximise the share of renewable energy in projects.

Integration of ESCO

Besides the best (economic) solution for sustainable energy generation, building owners / project developers are often also looking for an efficient and favourable formula to efficiently distribute and bill for that energy in the operation phase. BM Engineering has experience in integrating Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) that take over the energy management and maintenance of and further investments in the installations over a longer period of time.

Cooperation with utility companies

Large-scale residential sites are large consumers of energy, which have different needs from a private house or a small apartment building. We unburden our customers by working closely with the various utility companies to seamlessly connect the site's technical installations to the public grid.

The BENEFITS of our approach

  • We combine affordable sustainable energy concepts with maximum comfort.
  • Wherever possible, we make smart use of renewable energy sources in the surrounding area. 
  •  Coordination and consultation take place smoothly and behind the scenes thanks to our multidisciplinary approach.


The experts


Present on the job every day, and with their complementary knowledge and extensive experience in various projects, our experts are the easily approachable link between our back office and your project.

Hanne Ledure
BU Director Building Services - Partner

Stijn Lammertijn
BU Director Structural - Partner



"By focusing on maximum flexibility in terms of stability and building services, we leave all options open for both the building owner and the eventual occupants and users."

Stijn Lammertijn
BU Director Structural - Partner

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Steven Beirinckx
CEO - Managing partner

Hanne Ledure
BU Director Building Services - Partner

Stijn Lammertijn
BU Director Structural - Partner

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