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Civil Engineering


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BM Engineering has years of expertise in designing civil structures and installations, and in port-related projects in Flanders and the Netherlands. In doing so, we combine sustainable use of materials with flexibility for future evolutions. 


What are we doing?


In civil projects, we design quay walls along rivers, canals and in ports, abutments for bridges and tunnels, parks with storage tanks and jetties in various ports. Piperacks connecting offshore and onshore, and complex industrial constructions for power generation, waste treatment or water treatment are also part of our expertise


In port-related projects, national and international, we design jetties and nautical infrastructure such as dolphins, mooring bollards, brake works and crash barriers to allow seagoing and inland vessels to berth and moor. Using mooring analyses with specialised software, we determine the precise location of mooring posts and calculate mooring forces.

Large portfolio

Over the past decades, we have collaborated on projects in a variety of sectors, of various sizes and with different laws and regulations each time. This provides enormous expertise and cross-pollination provides additional added value. The fact that we designed both water- and land-based projects is an added bonus.


How do we handle this?

Sustainable and future-proof

We start each project from the customer's needs, but are happy to think along with and even 'against' them. If, based on our extensive experience and expertise, we find solutions that require fewer raw materials - and are therefore not only more sustainable but also cheaper - or that can anticipate future expansion needs today, we are happy to propose them.

Personal and action-oriented

Projects are always followed up by one leading project engineer who knows the project inside out and ensures an efficient division of work in-house. The customer has only one point of contact, which promotes a personal relationship. Fast internal communication lines and an open dialogue with the customer ensure a smooth information flow and a proactive approach.

Digitally strong

BM Engineering is always a pioneer in using digitalisation to make processes more efficient and projects continuously better. In our civil projects, too, we use 3D modelling and BIM coordination to eliminate errors early on and optimally align the designs of various construction partners. Advanced analysis techniques take quality to an even higher level.

The BENEFITS of our approach

  • We combine expertise on infrastructure, maritime and civil engineering in function of sustainable solutions.
  • With an open and transparent approach, we guarantee a sustainable quality project from A to Z.
  • Our integrated design approach ensures broad-based total solutions tailored to the client's needs. 


The experts


Present on the job every day, and with their complementary knowledge and extensive experience in various projects, our experts are the easily approachable link between our back office and your project.

Steven Vanpoucke
BU Director Civil - Partner

"In our civil projects, we use 3D modelling and BIM coordination to eliminate errors early on and optimally align the designs of various construction partners."

Steven Vanpoucke
BU Director Civil - Partner

Keynote on civil engineering?

Are you organising a themed day or event focusing on industrial MEP and looking for speakers? Not theoreticians with abstract explanations, but experts with day-to-day practical experience who can explain the subject matter to the target group in an interesting way? Contact us!


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Steven Beirinckx
CEO - Managing partner

Steven Vanpoucke
BU Director Civil - Partner

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