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Industrial MEP

Sustainable innovations for high-performance business processes

Building services in an industrial setting are 'next level' MEP, both in terms of scale, approach and complexity. Our experience and expertise in diverse projects and sub-sectors of the industrial niche provides innovative cross-fertilisation that takes every project to the next level. 



Utilities from A to Z in greenfield and brownfield projects

We design all primary and secondary technical installations that are crucial in an industrial project: from electrical high/mid and low voltage installations to data networks, over air systems and general ventilation, press, nitrogen and vacuum installations, to fire detection and suppression systems. Of course, our spectrum also includes comprehensive cooling and heating systems and their possible energy carriers (according to current or specified standards and norms), and installations for sanitary supply and drainage systems including (waste) water treatment. All necessary tie-ins are then provided with the required utilities up to the flange.

We provide the automation and instrumentation (E&I) of the entire MEP on the basis of PLC control. We provide specific piping files - from pipe spec to suspension and support - according to applicable standards such as EN, DIN, ANSI or ASTM. We do this both for new greenfield projects and for the often much more complex reality of incorporating new activities, buildings and MEPin brownfield developments. We do this for both building-related MEPand process line(s).

Sustainability through re-use, circularity and flexibility

Internally, we do not engage in greenwashing. We are fully committed to sustainability and full lifecycle design. We do this by adapting (existing) systems after thorough monitoring and analysis, reuse after treatment of substances, materials and waste flows, and by recovering energy from existing processes or "residual" flows. Through these modifications and optimisations, we ensure the greenest, most efficient and combined operation of the installations. By linking this to alternative innovative and sustainable MEP, we reduce the ecological footprint of industrial processes in function of European CO2 neutrality in 2050, all in accordance with ESG guidelines. In this way, we guide and support the HSE manager within the organisation. In addition, we aim for maximum flexibility and modularity of the systems, in order to accommodate changing needs and wishes within a company culture or site in the future with minimal to no additional interventions, costs and downtime of the production site. 

Industrial sectors and opportunities

Our technical and specific expertise in various matters is applicable to a wide range of industry sectors. This ranges from food and beverage industry with specific HACCP norms, over chemicals and pharma with prescribed standards and norms, specific technical installation for parts of the process and thorough need for piping expertise, to waste-to-energy projects where start-to-finish flows from these sites are (re)used with the necessary utilities to make this possible. The possibilities for implementation of our knowledge are endless over the entire life cycle of a project. This can range from an (energy) audit via e.g. pinch analysis with input for sustainability or optimisation of operations, over a partial aspect such as permit engineering, to a full blown engineering design where each flow is offered with monitoring from analysis to delivery. In addition, matters such as relocation engineering, energy management, feasibility studies, commissioning and monitoring, and reliability studies of installations are part of our services.


How do we handle this?

From open vision and master plan to detail

Both when designing an entire site and when extending a single building, we always start with an open mind about the client's requirements. We think along at every level and at every stage of the project. Where necessary, we dare to 'counter-think' in order to achieve the best possible (sub)result. Initially, this leads to the drawing up of an overall master plan, to ensure that the overall principles and systems on the total site continue to be monitored and preserved. Then we look at the installations individually, from building to room/element level. This way, we leave nothing to chance and all facets of a project are well coordinated, with due attention to maintenance management, future plans and expandability.

From feasibility studies to actual optimisations

BM Engineering offers services in all possible phases of a project. This starts with feasibility studies during the analysis phase to test the initial ideas for a (re)construction project, and moves on to developing concepts in a predesign phase (both in basic design (BDP), front end engineering (FEED) and permit engineering). These technical lines are finalised in detailed engineering to produce a tender dossier for procurement. Thanks to our independent role, we provide impartial input on the tender submitted in order to make the correct choices in function of the project, the objective and the master plan.  In execution, we control the works, assist the customer in terms of timing and finances, draw up FAT and SAT test procedures which we then also follow up, supervise the "dry and wet" commissioning to then follow up the deliveries and further monitor and optimise the installations after commissioning according to the customer's wishes.

Communicating experts

We are fully committed to the development and continuous training of our engineers, designers and modellers. This allows us to make maximum use of our diverse expertise - mechanical, electrical, piping, automation, fire, BIM management, execution engineering - on each specific facet of a project. An overarching project manager provides internal leadership and coordination and is externally the SPOC for the customer. We always work from coarse to fine, via block - PFD to PID schedules with associated deliverables-equipment-I/O lists and BOD-CRS-URS and rule descriptive notes.

into essential deliverables and models (digital twin principle). The latter are elaborated by our BIM modellers and managers with the necessary level of detail according to current protocols and standards. We attach great importance to good communication, so that the client is constantly informed of developments in the project and adjustments can be made from both sides to achieve the most cost-efficient result in every way.

The BENEFITS of our approach

  • We are communicative, structured, decisive and have complementary technical expertise in the niche of industrial MEP. 
  • Our approach is tailored to the client's needs and budget and leads to a qualitatively faster and more cost-conscious result ifv the proposed project.    
  • The facilities we design are sustainable, efficient and optimally advanced. With due consideration for maintenance, expansion and elimination of downtimes in the future.


The experts


Present on the job every day, and with their complementary knowledge and extensive experience in various projects, our experts are the easily approachable link between our back office and your project.

Alexander Demuynck
BU Director Industrial MEP - Partner

"Our approach always starts from a long-term vision, tailored to the customer and its (process) installation. Complexity is in our blood and we are triggered to analyse, optimise, design and turn processes into reality."

Alexander Demuynck
Business unit director Industrial MEP - partner

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BU Director Industrial MEP - Partner

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