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Building Services


In the world of building technology, two trends are irreversible: the pursuit of sustainability and digitalisation. BM Engineering designs building services that do not get in the way of a building's architecture but rather enhance it. We look for creative and smart solutions to do our bit for the fossil-free world of the future. And we always keep our focus on the real goal: the user who expects high comfort at an affordable price and with great ease of use.



Sustainable but not unnecessarily expensive

Everyone in the construction world today talks about sustainability, but we know from hundreds of projects in various sectors what really works and what does not. What technology has proven its sustainable value in the past and what are the innovative building services for a reliable future? We recommend the best solution based on the location, and the customer's comfort and financial goals. By engineering smartly, we often offer answers that come out a lot cheaper than the latest hype or the so-called 'must haves'.

Advanced digitalisation

Both in residential settings and in offices, care and school buildings, digitalisation is advancing. On the one hand, there are smart buildings that can significantly reduce energy consumption by monitoring the presence of users and smartly coordinating the various technologies. On the other hand, there are numerous digital applications that increase the ease of use, safety and comfort of building users, such as access control, camera surveillance, tracking people, advanced telephony, etc. We provide future-proof installations that are as easy to use as possible.

Finger on the pulse

At BM Engineering, we constantly keep on top of the latest developments in legislation, EPB regulations and standards. The evolutions are enormous and the changes are rapid. That is why we believe it is important to assist the building owner with reliable advice to choose building services that provide the greatest added value in both the short and long term, both in terms of sustainability and comfort.



Embedding into wider vision

Each site has unique characteristics that form the starting point for a project. The geographical location of the site, its orientation and the spatial vision of the architect and builder have an impact on the technical installations. Our engineering brings together the different perspectives into a coherent, well-functioning and sustainable structure.

Tapping all energy sources

In addition to by now obvious building services such as heat pumps and geothermal, we also explore potential alternative energy generators in the vicinity of the site. In recent projects, we gained knowledge and experience in using riothermal, aquathermy and hybrid plants to maximise the share of renewable energy in projects.


A major strength of BM Engineering is that we look for rationalisations in all areas that can reduce the cost price without compromising on quality, safety and ease of use. Especially in projects like this, where large volumes and high amounts are involved, this is where we literally make the difference. We do this both with more efficient solutions in terms of stability and with technical installations that best meet the needs and wishes of the users and managers.

The BENEFITS of our approach

  • We design sustainable energy concepts with economic cost and maximum comfort.
  • Even with the most complex installations, we make sure they are easy to use on a daily basis.
  • Our experience allows us to quickly verify ideas and concrete plans financially.


The experts


Present on the job every day, and with their complementary knowledge and extensive experience in various projects, our experts are the easily approachable link between our back office and your project.

Hanne Ledure
BU Director Building Services - Partner

"We design sustainable technical installations that honour a building's architecture, deliver high living and working comfort and are simple to use on a day-to-day basis."

Hanne Ledure
BU Director Building Services - Partner

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Steven Beirinckx
CEO - Managing partner

Hanne Ledure
BU Director Building Services - Partner

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