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Industrial construction projects are more extensive and complex than regular projects in several areas. This requires specific expertise and experience, which we offer to ambitious industrial companies as a one-stop shop through our multidisciplinary engineering offer - stability, industrial MEP and civil works. In this way, we work more efficiently and therefore faster. But we can also provide significant added value for every sub-aspect in the construction process in efficient consultation with other construction partners.

What are we doing?


Challenging projects

We are a crucial link in large-scale complex projects, from (fully automated) logistics halls to production lines/buildings with specific needs, and this in various sectors of industry, from food, (waste to) energy and manufacturing to the chemical industry. We provide technical and financial optimisations of the project, taking into account the client's requirements and the corresponding imposed standards and legislation. We seize every challenge to arrive at the most optimal, economical and ecological solution.

Polyvalent range

We evaluate the client's global vision and make adjustments where necessary. On a structural level, we optimise the building in function of possible future expandability. We also integrate secondary structures, such as piperacks, maintenance platforms and supports for machine lines and equipment. Industrial MEP designs all building and/or process-related and sector-specific sophisticated building services. Civil engineering focuses on specific structures (such as tank farms), environmental construction with sewers and water buffers, piperacks over an entire site and detailed studies for e.g. moving floors in process halls.

Durable and flexible

We focus on the sustainability of a project in all its aspects, from CO2 reduction or neutrality over construction methods and materials used to energy consumption and recycling. We do not engage in greenwashing but substantiate and document everything according to ESG guidelines. With a master plan, we look beyond today's needs and already take future extensions or modifications into account. Every detailed stage of a project is also tested and optimised in fuction of the totality.

How do we handle this?


Dare to 'counter-think'

Customers not only have dreams, but often already have concrete ideas of how to realise those dreams. We like to think along with them, but we also dare to think against them. By drawing on our extensive experience and expertise with other projects, and by staying on tof of the latest developments, we often propose solutions that are even more efficient, budget-friendly, flexible or sustainable than those initial ideas. This enables the client to make the right choice(s) from a wider range of possibilities.

Interdisciplinary, in-house and/or external

Our Stability, Industrial MEP and Civil Engineering departments work closely together internally. Combined with a thorough BIM approach, this ensures fast(er) and efficient coordination of the various design and execution facets. Possibly supplemented by our partner in technical industrial architecture, we also create a smooth coherence between our in-house engineering and external players who take care of the construction of production lines or warehouse systems, among other things. On the other hand, it is also possible for one or more individual services at BM Engineering to cooperate efficiently with external construction partners defined by the customer. Our focus always remains on achieving the best result for the customer.

Unburdening and targeted information

We make every effort to relieve the customer of any technical concerns. At the same time, we ensure that he is kept informed throughout the design and construction process in order to provide possible feedback and input that will lead to the best result. We take an action-oriented approach and separate main issues from side issues in order to provide the client with targeted information. Our SPOC (single point of contact) for the client manages the project internally and/or externally and communicates both internally and with the various external partners. 

The BENEFITS of our approach

  • Our advice is independent, and from a proactive and flexible attitude, we respond to the challenges of the project to the maximum extent.
  •  Through efficient internal consultation, we monitor both the details and the overall picture and the customer needs only one point of contact.
  •  Thanks to our multidisciplinary knowledge and experience, we optimise the project in terms of timing and costs as well as technicality.
The experts


Present on the job every day, and with their complementary knowledge and extensive experience in various projects, our experts are the easily approachable link between our back office and your project.

Alexander Demuynck
BU Director Industrial MEP - Partner

Steven Vanpoucke
BU Director Civil - Partner

Stijn Lammertijn
BU Director Structural - Partner



"In these large-scale, challenging and complex projects, we use all our accumulated expertise to arrive at the most optimal, economical and ecological solution."

Alexander Demuynck
BU Director Industrial MEP - Partner

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Steven Beirinckx
CEO - Managing partner

Alexander Demuynck
BU Director Industrial MEP - Partner

Steven Vanpoucke
BU Director Civil - Partner

Stijn Lammertijn
BU Director Structural - Partner

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