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EPC Management


TwoTec part of BM engineering group

EPC Management bridges the gap between industrial processes and the physical environment in which they take place. With efficient project management and using BIM as the 'glue' between both pillars, we ensure that complex and large-scale industrial (re)construction projects are realised smoothly and qualitatively.


What are we doing?


In the process pillar, we ensure the optimal design and realisation of industrial processes together with specific suppliers, as of everything that makes this process efficient, economical and more sustainable. This includes the MEP utilities to make the processes work and everything involved in standard and project-specific processes.  Automation is of course part of this.


In this pillar, we design and create the perfect environment around these processes. We combine architecture that matches the ambitions of the project with our extensive experience in both structural, civil engineering and industrial MEP gained earlier in complex and challenging industrial projects.

Management and BIM

BIM connects those pillars by making the complexity of both manageable. Project management monitors the balance between the scope, cost, and timing of the project, ensures efficient data management and smooth communication between all construction partners, and monitors quality, safety and compliance.


How do we handle this?


In such a complex and multi-faceted challenge, we are the 'single point of expertise'. We are fully trained in every aspect of an industrial project, both process-related and civil. Our independence from any (sub)contractor is an added advantage.

Cohesion and coordination

By using BIM in a structured way and to the deepest level of detailing as a bridge between process and structural elements, we ensure smooth integration of all components and coherent information and communication based on unambiguous procedures.


Our projects are designed and built future-proof. By focusing on flexibility, they can adapt and grow with evolving needs. In both MEP and civil, we also emphasise long-term sustainability.

The BENEFITS of our approach

  • We maximise project value by optimising core processes wherever possible, reducing risks and finding new opportunities through creative thinking.
  • We minimise the customer's concerns by taking responsibility, providing detailed files and transparent communication as SPOC.    
  • Our approach matches the uniqueness of each project to avoid both overkill and missed opportunities. 


The experts


Present on the job every day, and with their complementary knowledge and extensive experience in various projects, our experts are the easily approachable link between our back office and your project.

Alex De Smet
Managing partner - Director TwoTec

"With our specific approach, we maximise the value of the project and minimise the customer's concerns."

Alex De Smet
Managing partner - Director TwoTec

Keynote on EPC Management?

Are you organising a themed day or event focusing on industrial MEP and looking for speakers? Not theoreticians with abstract explanations, but experts with day-to-day practical experience who can explain the subject matter to the target group in an interesting way? Contact us!


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Steven Beirinckx
CEO - Managing partner

Alex De Smet
Managing partner - Director TwoTec

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