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Care & education

Buildings and sites in healthcare and education are by definition large-scale and in great need of energy. Sustainable installations are therefore definitely a must in these kinds of projects. But reliability, safety and easy operation of the building services are at least as important. That is why we opt for building services that have already proven their quality, durability and ease of use in various other projects.

What are we doing?



A major strength of BM Engineering is that we look for rationalisations in all areas that can reduce the cost price without compromising on quality, safety and ease of use. Especially in projects like this, where large volumes and high amounts are involved, this is where we literally make the difference. We do this both with more efficient solutions in terms of stability and with technical installations that best meet the needs and wishes of the users and managers.

Smart buildings

If the last person to leave the classroom forgets to switch off the light, it is not a tragedy but just a little less favourable for the energy bill. But in a care facility, if an alarm from someone who is not feeling well does not go through, it can cause life-threatening situations. Smart buildings with smart unburdening technologies and reliable data flows link optimal living and working comfort to sustainable energy management.

Sophisticated building management systems

Large buildings and sites have complex installations that can only be easily managed with a thorough building management system. It ensures good alignment between the various building services, and collects data that contains useful information for maintenance, management and (future) investments.

How do we handle this?


Commitment to ease of use

In both healthcare and education, there is no surplus of staff. Those who work there want to be able to focus fully on their core tasks. The building services in the building should support that mission almost in an 'invisible' way, however extensive, diverse and complex they may be behind the scenes. That is why we always attach great importance to linking all the building services behind the scenes and making them work efficiently, and to simple user interfaces that make daily use easy.

Integration into architecture

Ease of use is also often linked to the integration of the building services into the architecture of the building. From the beginning of the project, in dialogue with the architect, we look at how we can make the complex and extensive building services fit into the style of the building's design - from sleek and industrial to super homely - so that, on the one hand, we reinforce the architect's vision and, on the other, we fully meet the user's comfort requirements.

Focus on thermal comfort

Thermal comfort is an important requirement in both healthcare and education environments. A constant pleasant temperature for residents, users and staff in all seasons is a must. We therefore focus on building services that have proven their efficiency - and are therefore definitely maintenance-friendly and reliable - on the one hand, and robust enough to have a long lifespan, on the other. 

The BENEFITS of our approach

  • We work proactively and come to the start-up meeting already well prepared around the table. 
  • We can quickly assemble a team internally to take immediate action. 
  •  Our experience allows us to quickly assess the feasibility and cost of initial plans.    


The experts


Present on the job every day, and with their complementary knowledge and extensive experience in various projects, our experts are the easily approachable link between our back office and your project.

Hanne Ledure
BU Director Building Services - Partner

Stijn Lammertijn
BU Director Structural - Partner



"We make the behind-the-scenes technologies work efficiently and use simple user interfaces to ensure that employees can focus fully on their core tasks."

Hanne Ledure
BU Director Building Services - Partner

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Steven Beirinckx
CEO - Managing partner

Hanne Ledure
BU Director Building Services - Partner

Stijn Lammertijn
BU Director Structural - Partner

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